At Aman Creation, a powerhouse of the passionate and enthusiastic, we strongly believe “Why pay for your passion when you can get paid for it?”

Syed Tahir Hassan, the founder of the event firm, firmly believes in the wonders that can emerge when a bunch of talented and passionate individuals join hands. Stepping away from the mundane and the monotonous, Aman Creation forays into the realm of extraordinary. Our firm aspires to conduct events for both profitable and non profitable entities while meeting the highest standards. We render the promise of bringing your event alive with our teams that offer a plethora of specialized services and entertainment. In our repertoire, we have the choicest of cuisine, passionate performers to entertain, an incisive technical team and above everything – the commitment to execute your event impeccably.

Leave it in our hands to conduct your event with utmost professionalism, adding a touch of ‘incredible’ to it. It could be a get together, a party, a ceremony, a corporate conclave, a reunion, it could be anything – Aman creation will make it a day to remember. For we don’t just aim to meet expectations, we surpass them.



Every picture has a story to tell, and we tell it with Stills N Motions, the inhouse event photography and motion pictures team. Stills N Motions will capture your event in the most beautiful perspectives with their lens. Striving to document your events in all it’s vibrancy and candidness, Stills N Motions offers a variety of VFX and graphical animation to suit your every need. Filled with highly innovative and motivated individuals who think beyond the box, this team is tech savvy and armed with the latest equipment. With oodles of creativity and energy, they will undoubtedly make your event look more picture – perfect than ever.



Rhythmic Ragas will pull every string, literally, to tantalize the music lover in you. An event is quite incomplete without the perfect music to go with it – fret not, Rhythmic Ragas, our music band has you covered. Rhythmic Ragas, Consists of passionate professionals who are dedicated to entertain you with some feet tapping performances. This musical ensemble promise to charm with their live music gigs, and unplugged jams in various genres of your choice. Be it soothing tunes that calm the mood, pop that lightens the mood, classic jazz that makes you nostalgic, Rhythmic Ragas has the perfect instrumentation to suit every occasion. They also offer some stunning new original compositions, so get ready and Gear up for some acoustic awesomeness.



What’s a great day without great food? Aman creations offers to cater nothing but the best for your palette. Satisfy your gastronomic cravings with the finest variety of Indian cuisines, from Munich Suhag. A spread of the best Desi dishes, delicious on your platter. Mouth watering and sumptuous dishes for your guests, with a wide menu to choose from. Take your pick.



Up the ante at your event with a special performance from our very own entertainment packed squad, Dance N crewz [DNZ]. Our performers from DNZ have enthralling tricks up their sleeve, in dance, theatre, mono acting, mime and much more. Dance N Crewz encompasses talented performers Exhibiting performing artistry at the highest level. They are a talent house whose performances you definitely don’t want to miss. This troop’s theatrical performances and dance grooves will keep the will keep the energy levels soaring, with not a single moment boring. As we are strongly committed to provide the perfect entertainment and value for your investment, Dance N Crewz never fails to enthrall.

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